By studying English as BMA scholars, will be able to make links between the ancient world and modern world, understanding that our literary heritage originates from the Classics. They will feel confident in the context of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that has produced our British classic texts, both poetry and prose. They will be armed with cultural capital, able to engage with big ideas and contribute to debates. Scholars will be accurate writers of English, keen to communicate their opinions with fluency, and able to deliberately choose from the wide vocabulary with which we have equipped them. Lesson time is purposeful: we focus on only three topics per year, enabling extended analysis and discussion, as we believe true depth of knowledge should not be sacrificed in favour of shallow surveys. Finally, scholars are able to understand that English knowledge is not discrete, but has implications for all their subjects across the curriculum.

Please find below our Curriculum Intent for Key Stage 3

BMA May22 English Curriculum Map KS3

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Ms L Kuhvichak