Reading is central to our curriculum

We see reading as a critical skill for life. The ability to read to a sophisticated and fluent level can be transformative and liberating, ensuring scholars are able to fully participate as active citizens in their city and in modern Britain. There is time for scholars to read each day.

  • Tutor time reading: We have a carefully thought-out programme of reading in tutor time in the mornings. Each year group has a set of texts which are read together at tutor time in the morning. They often link to themes in our curriculum or are chosen because they are worthy of reading and enjoyable. Non fiction texts are selected too to spark or quench curiosity.

  • The library: we have a very well stocked, vibrant and welcoming library which is curated and overseen by our qualified and expert librarian, Mrs Hamlet. Every scholar visits the library and borrows books. There is lots of advice and encouragement in choosing books. Every genre and taste is catered for and the aim is for scholars to develop a love of reading and a habit of reading.
  • Independent reading weeks: every half term, a week is devoted to scholars reading books that they have chosen during tutor time to complement the texts chosen for them at other times. This helps scholars develop their own tastes in reading.
  • Reading for Pleasure lessons are part of our English curriculum.  Alongside texts that are studied in English, other texts are simply read at pace for pleasure and enjoyment.
  • Subject specific reading: in most subjects, reading is a central medium of study hence carefully chosen texts are read in a guided way to enhance understanding of key concepts. Often there is wider reading around the subject too.

Overall, scholars are prepared well for their next destination of further and higher study be it at sixth form colleges or apprenticeships and vocational routes. They will also be well prepared with the right values and skills to exercise judgement and discernment, able to navigate the complexities of the world around them.

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