We believe that uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the positive ethos of our academy, setting an appropriate tone.

  • It enables pupils to wear clothes appropriate for working in safe and aspiring environment.
  • It clearly signals our high expectation of pupils and our strong work ethic, instilling pride in the school.
  • It protects pupils from social pressures to dress in a particular way,  nurturing cohesion and promoting good relations between different groups of pupils.
  • It helps pupils to prepare for their futures in the world of work, where dress codes are usually expected.
  • Our uniform is used to identify us in the local community and the pupils wearing it, reflect the academy motto of Making a Positive Difference.

Uniform available from Uniform Direct  For guidance please click here (MISSING FILE). For prices, please click here.

  • Brook Mead Academy blazer with academy logo (available from Uniform Direct only)
  • Plain white collared school shirt, buttoned to the neck (long or short sleeves are permitted), tucked in at all times.
  • Brook Mead Tie (available from Uniform Direct or the academy)
  • Optional plain, dark green V-neck school jumper to match the blazer (no logos, motifs, buttons or zips).
  • Grey suit trousers from Uniform Direct or grey formal straight leg trousers from another retailer. Any other shape of trousers is not permitted: e.g. slim leg, skinny, cropped, tailored. Trousers must be formal with a straight leg.
  • During Summer months, scholars are welcome to wear shorts, they must be plain grey uniform ones.
  • Brook Mead kilt skirt from Uniform Direct.
  • Black, grey or flesh coloured tights or leggings to the ankle may be worn under the skirt.
  • School shoes are to be plain black, formal and made of either matt leather or polishable material only. No open toe, heels, pumps, trainers, canvas, boots with fur collar, designer or footwear resembling trainers.
  • Scholar ID card.
  • An outdoor coatis allowed during cold weather. This must be removed when arriving for lessons, the assembly hall, in the restaurant and in the library etc. The coat should be in addition to, not instead of, the academy blazer.
  • At break and lunchtimes only – blazers maybe removed in warm weather. After playing outside, ties should be put back on and shirts tucked in.
  • These items are also allowed:
    • Headscarves, turbans, durags and other headwear for religious observance must only be worn in plain black, grey or green to match the blazer. Head scarves must be tucked into the collar of the shirt so that the full school tie is visible at all times. Turbans should be secured with small pins.
    • For modesty, plain black or grey leggings, trousers or kurtas to the ankle may be worn under the skirt.
    • Jewellery must be small and discreet. Stud earrings and one nose small piercing only.
    • Make up must be minimal and discreet.

     These items are not allowed:

    • Any other shape of trousers is not permitted: e.g., slim leg, skinny, cropped, tailored etc. Trousers must be formal with a straight leg.
    • Hooded or zip tops (other than official academy uniform).
    • Baseball caps.
    • Jogging bottoms, jeans, jeggings or leggings.
    • False eyelashes and nail extensions. False nails, acrylic nails and gel nails are not permitted in school

All pupils must have the following PE uniform:

  • Brook Mead PE polo shirt from Uniform Direct
  • Black shorts
  • Black football socks or white socks
  • Plain Black tracksuit bottoms (small logo allowed)
  • No Leggings allowed
  • Brook Mead ¼ zip jumper from Uniform Direct (outdoors activities)
  • Trainers (any colour)


Teachers will advise students on the kit to wear. This will be dependent on the activity the students are performing. For some sports, the students might need specialist equipment. For example if the students are timetabled for football, they will need to wear shin pads.

Students will be allowed to wear gloves and hats when the weather is extremely cold to allow them to engage in PE without undue discomfort. They will be encouraged to bring extra layers to wear under their normal PE kit if needed.


When the activity is timetabled in indoor areas, students will be expected to bring a spare pair of clean trainers.

Students are expected to come to school each day with the equipment that they need in order to help them to learn and flourish:

  • suitable school bag
  • pencil case,
  • pen,
  • pencil,
  • ruler
  • Casio Fx83GTX calculator (can be purchased from school)
  • reading book
  • any specialist equipment, such as PE kit;