The online world can be very enticing and valuable with access to vast amounts of information. However, we all have to be vigilant and exercise judgement and caution as we go into that space. At school, we teach scholars about online safety in our Computer Science lessons, in PHSCE and through assemblies and tutor time. 


  • Do NOT share photos of other students.
  • Be very careful with photos
  • Do NOT send nasty or hurtful messages.
  • Do NOT respond to nasty or hurtful messages
  • Think before you post.
  • Be careful with your personal information
  • Treat strangers online the same way as strangers in the street
  • If you receive a nasty message, keep it as evidence
  • If you feel that something is wrong tell a parent, teacher or other trusted adult

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Follow the link below to report abuse through the CEOP website.