Benchmark 4 – Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers 

Careers learning enables scholars to see how the subjects they are studying can be used in the real world and how they can transfer their skills to future careers and the world of work. All staff at Brook Mead Academy are committed to providing high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance to help to inspire scholars and to enable them to make informed career decisions.  Brook Mead Academy aims to meet all eight Benchmarks identified by the Gatsby Foundation.

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

The Careers and Enterprise Company highlights why this matters

  • Scholars feel more engaged in their learning when they perceive the relevance of what they are studying to their own and other people’s lives.
  • Scholars become more aspirational, understanding that perceived barriers can be overcome and that there are numerous pathways to success.
  • Subject teachers are highly influential – scholars are more likely to be motivated to learn if their teachers know their hopes and dreams.
  • Staff highlighting the relevance of their subject to future careers and opportunities creates social capital for young people with more limited networks.
  • “Improving career guidance in secondary schools and colleges can lead to better student outcomes, while also raising aspirations and increasing engagement with education”- (iCeGS)
  • “Strong essential skills such as speaking, listening and staying positive can positively influence young people’s employment prospects”- Skills Builder – Better Prepared Report

Ways to incorporate careers into your curriculum

  • Have a prominent display that links subject learning and skill development to different careers.
  • Highlight where key transferable and employability skills are being developed.
  • Link learning to world of work, job sectors and roles – for example using MYPATH videos.
  • Link learning to Labour Market Information – for example using LLEP resources.
  • Develop links with businesses and organisations to invite external speakers to come into school.
  • Where appropriate organise external visits to local businesses/organisations.
  • Explore the possibility of developing real projects/challenges for students with a local business or organisation e.g., a local company setting IT students the task of designing/updating their website.
  • Consider the needs and interests of all students and ensure that information challenges stereotyping including gender and disability.

Useful resources


Pathways to the World of Work
This website offers sector-based video resources to help scholars find out more about local careers and how you can access them.

Careers and Enterprise Company’s My Learning, My Future
A wide variety of subject specific resources to engage scholars in curriculum learning by highlighting the relevance of their subjects to future careers and opportunities.

LLEP World of Work Resources and Teacher CPD
Sector-based videos and classroom resources to support, inform and inspire young people, teachers and careers advisers. The resources are packed full of local information, delivered and supported by local employers.

LLEP Labour Market Information Guide 2023
A guide to some of the key industries across Leicester and Leicestershire. This guide provides an outline of the local labour market, plus information on qualifications, pathways, and advice on looking and applying for jobs or apprenticeships.

BBC Bitesize
Offering lots of job inspiration around careers and a range of supportive information for students about the different routes to ensure they are fully informed when it comes to planning their next steps and getting themselves ‘job ready’.

Maths Careers
Split into age categories covering secondary and post-16 age groups, Maths Careers offers a range of resources, information and signposting linked to mathematics.

STEM Learning
Shines the light on STEM industries and STEM careers, separated into key phases including secondary aged and post-16. Some great resources for building confidence and knowledge for staff too.

Pathways is the partnership of higher education providers in Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland as part of the Office for Scholars Uni Connect programme. Huge amount of information around university, FE and HE.

Explore real-life career videos by job type or subject.

Inspiring the Future
Sign up to our free self-service national network to invite volunteers from different jobs, sectors and career routes to visit your school or college, in-person or virtually.

Subject in a Box
Subject in a Box is designed to enable teachers of Year 10 students to provide their class with a unique insight into degree-level study whilst providing an engaging, interactive lesson, suitable for their current level of learning.

Creative Multilingualism
Languages are incredibly valuable in many different ways, and useful. Creative Multilingualism wants to encourage young people in the UK to be ambitious and to think creatively about the career possibilities languages open up.