We work to ensure a smooth and worry-free start for our new Year 7 scholars and therefore have a carefully designed programme of transition activities which begins as soon as we receive our list of pupils on March 1st each year:

  • A welcome message to parents / carers from the Principal in March.
  • An invitation to visit the school in March.
  • Inviting small groups to visit us with year 6 teachers in April or May.
  • More short visits for those with additional needs.
  • Our staff visiting our allocated pupils in their schools. We with staff in your child’s primary school to find out a little more about each of our new scholars so we can make sure we have all the information we need to enable a successful start for your child.
  • A full induction day in late June or early July for all scholars joining us.
  • An induction evening for parents.
  • Letters from our scholars to year 6 pupils.
  • Welcome message from our scholars on our website.
  • Sending out a Guide to Brook Mead Academy from our scholars

Below is the Parent and Scholar Guide:

Parents and scholars guide 2023-2024

Our Transition Programme ensures new scholars feel happy, settled and secure from their very first day at secondary school.

TMET Transition Year 7 Reading List.docx