As our children grow into more independent internet users, they develop their own habits in relation to their online use. It is important that parents and carers are aware of how to keep their children safe online and keep up to date with the latest platforms, apps and messaging services that could pose a risk to their safety.

One of the best ways to keep your child safe is by having frank and honest discussions about their online behaviours. You should also consider managing their devices and setting up parental controls on your home broadband. This link will help you to set up controls on your home devices. Parental Controls & Privacy Settings Guides – Internet Matters

Talking to your child as early as possible about online safety is one of the best ways to protect them. Tips on how to talk to your child about online safety:

  1. Talk early and often. Talk to your child about online safety as soon as they are old enough to own or have access to devices. The earlier you start to have these conversations, the easier it will be to maintain them.
  2. Choose to talk to your child when you are due to spend some time together – so for example, over dinner, or during their bedtime routine. Bring digital experience into normal, everyday conversations.
  3. Open up and share too! Model the behaviour that you would like to see in your child. Be open and encourage them to be open too.
  4. Create a safe space for your child to open up. Always try to ask open ended questions and avoid jumping to conclusions. Try to ensure that your child feels listened to.

If you would like any further information or support in relation to online safety, please contact your child’s Assistant Head of Year or Mrs Aylmer-Teago.

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Parents can report any concerns in relation to online contact or abuse via CEOP. CEOP stands for Child Exploitation and Online Protection and is governed by law enforcement agencies. Please click the link to find out more.

The Internet Matters website is also a hub for information, support and advice. Please follow this link to find out more information about cyber bullying, fake news, inappropriate content, online grooming, radicalisation, online reputation and more.

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