Clear values for a school are essential and should be lived and breathed daily by staff and taught explicitly to scholars. As adults, we need to be clear what sort of values we want to instil in our young people with home and school working together to guide children. This is particularly important as we aim to support our students to be resilient and adaptable in a complex and ever changing world.

At Brook Mead, we will create a strong community with clear values. There will be an emphasis on cultivating a positive sense of self and working with resilience and dedication. We will draw from cultures and ideas from across the globe and in the local community to teach these values. All staff believe in:

For our Scholars, we also promote these values:

1. Individual effort to achieve collective goals.

At Brook Mead, we are Building Better Futures Together. This means that we will be striving to excel for the greater good, laying strong foundations in order to build a better community. We will do this together because we are always stronger together and can go further together. This belief in individual effort to achieve collective goals will be one which scholars will be taught explicitly so that scholars are always aware of the impact of their actions on others. The notion of service to others is found in all cultures and communities. It will be instilled in our scholars and exemplified so that they can live these values daily in small acts throughout the day and larger ones benefiting our local community and city.

2. Showing respect for ourselves and others.

Happy schools are built upon respect for all. Through our emphasis on being kind, all members of the school community will show respect in words, deeds and actions to each other. These will be actively taught to scholars and modelled by staff. As adults we will use our experience, knowledge and wisdom to guide scholars in our care to respectful conduct and virtuous habits which will stand them in good stead in later life, building the foundations for future success. Academic qualifications need to be matched by good manners, compassion and empathy for others in order to make for well-rounded individuals.

3. Gratitude and humility

Small acts of kindness and service to others are the hallmarks of happy and successful communities. We will actively teach our scholars to be kind and value acts of kindness at home, in school, in the wider community and cultivate an attitude of gratitude. This attitude will have a multiplier effect within the school community, making kindness and empathy the norm.

4. Personal responsibility

Although there are always factors which present challenges, it is valuable to cultivate a sense of personal responsibility so that we make choices and take decisions being aware of their impact on ourselves and others. We will support scholars to take responsibility, realise the impact of actions, drawing from stories and examples from across all communities.

 We will ensure our values are a lived reality through

  1. Explaining the purpose behind each rule and routine;
  2. Using a common language so we have a shared understanding of our values;
  3. Detailing the small behaviours we need to see from each other to enact our values;
  4. Narrating, highlighting and praising conduct which illustrates our values;
  5. Hearing stories and examples from across the ages and all communities to show how others have enacted these values so we can learn from them.

The Mead Educational Trust Values

The Mead Educational Trust and all its schools have developed the 7Cs as guiding principles: Challenge; Collaboration; Culture; Creativity; Community; Courage and Character.

At Brook Mead Academy this means:

Providing an excellent education by having high aspirations for all. Providing a platform for pupils to challenge themselves and others, so they can become the best they can be and contribute actively to society.

Working effectively and harmoniously together across phases, knowing our strengths will influence every step of our development, and celebrating our successes. 

Respecting and celebrating diversity, enriching the lives of our pupils. Providing inspiration to participate in, and respond to, artistic and cultural experiences.

Building a sense of belonging in a reflective and stimulating environment. Celebrating care, kindness and difference, allowing positive relationships to flourish and ensuring communication is excellent. 

Committing to challenge racial and social injustice and to promote personal and societal change. Making decisions based on clear high moral values and delivered with compassion and integrity.

Providing pioneering, vibrant and transformative learning experiences that are open to all. Offering a well-researched and evaluated curriculum, which acts as the catalyst for personal growth.

Nurturing and developing personal attributes such as perseverance, resilience, confidence, optimism, tolerance, respect, community spirit, honesty, integrity and dignity.