Our Science curriculum provides scholars with the knowledge that enables them to understand the world, inspiring them to relate science to life beyond the classroom through the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We aim to develop scholars who can participate in science-based discussion and to nurture scientifically literate citizens; this is especially important when we consider the impact that fake news and misinformation can have on life if we are unable to analyse and assess the validity of claims. We deliver a curriculum which builds up a body of foundational knowledge and an understanding of key concepts which encourages our scholars to be curious and excited about natural phenomena, as well enabling them to link their learning to other observations. We wholly encourage our scholars to master key concepts across disciplines as well as being able to connect their knowledge across Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We regularly provide practical opportunities to develop the scientific enquiry skills of our scholars and to fully immerse them into the scientific world; in doing so we provide our scholars with the skills to use science to predict how events will occur, or how objects will behave and analyse causes. Alongside our curriculum, we provide our scholars with a variety of enriching opportunities which encourage the uptake of scientific hobbies which nurtures our scholars’ passion and talent for science. The curriculum embeds opportunities for the development of cultural capital through providing scholars with the essential knowledge that is needed for them to be educated citizens; it regularly relates learning to significant scientific projects and theories with regular links to Languages, History and Geography. We continually challenge our scholars so that they can excel academically and open doors to a vast number of future pathways.

Please find below our Curriculum Intent for Key Stage 3:

Science BMA KS3 Curriculum Map

Please find below our Curriculum Intent for Key Stage 4:

Science BMA KS4 Curriculum Map

BMA Combined science

BMA Seperate Science

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