The purpose of the foreign language curriculum at Brook Mead is to develop in all scholars a wide variety of transferable skills, which are both vital to their success across the curriculum and future progression to college and beyond.

The curriculum supports our scholars in becoming confident and successful communicators as they are trained to use a range of essential communication skills both verbal and written.

It also allows pupils the opportunity to view their world from a different perspective and learn new ways of thinking, fostering an appreciation of diversity through exposure to the customs, arts, and literature of the countries where the target language is used.

In addition, it is a gateway to an understanding and tolerance of other cultures and ways of life. As well as equipping scholars with a wealth of key skills, such as resilience and problem solving, the language curriculum provides them with the secure foundation of linguistic knowledge required for further language study and to study and work in other countries in the future.

Please find below our Curriculum Intent for Key Stage 3:

KS3 MFL Curriculum Map
This website is an excellent resource to help students learn vocabulary. Search for the usernames below to find lots of useful flashcards to support students with their vocabulary learning.
This website is an excellent resource for students in Key Stage 4. It contains a digital version of the text book sometimes used in class. The digital text book features many useful GCSE style reading, listening and writing tasks for students to complete independently at home as preparation for their GCSE exams.
In Y10, all students will be given their own unique username and password to access the resources available on this website.

Subject Leader/s

Miss Henson