Many of the problems humanity will face in the future will, at least in part, be solved using Mathematics. Whether it is dealing with the effects of climate change, securing clean energy, feeding the world or improving medical treatment, Mathematics will be pivotal to humanity’s future.

In addition, Mathematics will be key to our scholars’ futures, whether it is becoming world class STEM practitioners, running households, businesses and organisations, or avoiding falling into debt, the future lives of all scholars can be improved through a high-quality Mathematics education.

At Brook Mead we are committed to maximising the Mathematical ability of every scholar, no matter their backgrounds or starting points. We aim to develop a generation of hardworking, independent, rigorous and creative mathematicians, global in in origin, representing the best of Britain’s youth, right in the heart of Leicester.

We also believe in the importance, beauty and value of Mathematics for its own sake, as a part of humanity’s quest to explore and understand the world around us.

Please find below our Curriculum Intent for Key Stage 3:

Maths Map of Learning

Additional Resources for Home Learning:

Year 7

Year 8

All scholars have a login and password for Times Table Rockstars and Hegarty Maths


The Numberphile website is full to the brim with interesting videos. They’re often not very long and are about a really wide range of mathematical ideas or theories. It also links to their youtube channel where you can also see all of the videos.


Mathigon has a combination of courses which can teach you about a maths topic and activities which are more like fun puzzles related to maths.


Similar to Mathigon, the Parallel website is a series of activities designed to give you a bit of a challenge and show you some maths you might not have seen before. There is a new task released each week which shows you a video and some information then asks you to answer a few questions.

Wild maths:

Wild Maths is a collection of mathematical games, activities and stories, encouraging you to think creatively. The experiments and activities often come with some optional questions to help you think deeply about the maths that goes with the puzzle.

Open Mind:

The website Open Mind has lots of information about science and maths but we especially enjoyed this article about the history of mathematics. It details the greatest moments that have changed how we think about numbers and mathematics over the last 3000 years.

5-a-day GCSE 9-1 – Corbettmaths

GCSE Maths Revision | Past Papers | Worksheets | Online Tests (

Maths Genie • Learn GCSE Maths for Free

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