Many of the problems facing humanity will, at least in part, be solved by young people having a deep understanding of the world around them. Whether it is dealing with the effects of climate change, securing clean energy, feeding the world, or improving medical treatment, understanding of human and physical geography will enable solutions to be found.
In addition, Geography is key to our scholars’ futures. Whether it is becoming STEM practitioners, environmental enthusiasts, leading businesses and organisations, the future lives of all scholars can be improved through a high-quality Geography education.
At Brook Mead, we are committed to developing the geographical knowledge of our diverse body of scholars (themselves drawn from across the world) so that they grow up to be informed and active environmental citizens equipped to debate and act upon the geographical issues facing them, their city and the world.
We also believe in the importance and value of geography for its own sake, as a part of humanity’s quest to explore and understand the world around us

Please find below our Curriculum Intent for Key Stage 3:

BMA KS3 Curriculum Map

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GCSE Geography Curriculum Overview 2024-25

BMA Geography

Pupils are encouraged to develop their general knowledge of the world around them. The department has a twitter feed @BMA_Geography where many relevant stories, articles and clips are shared.

BBC Bitesize ( has a range of resources for both Keys Stage 3 and 4 which may be useful for improving understanding and revising.

The Met Office has a range of good case study material for Key Stage 4. ( )

GCSE Geography – AQA – BBC Bitesize

Home – Internet Geography

KS3 Geography – BBC Bitesize

Mapzone | Ordnance Survey

Subject Leader/s

Mr C Miller – [email protected]