Update on our building programme

We have received an update from the Department for Education about our building programme. Unfortunately, there will be a slight delay to the completion of our new school building. However, we will still move to our new site at some point in the academic year 2023 -24, when our current scholars are in year 9. This is because there has been some slippage in the programme as a result of additional survey work being undertaken and because of the transition to a new DfE output specification, which will deliver a school building that is net zero carbon in operation. We now expect the planning application to be submitted in June 2022 and that the new school will be ready for occupation during the 2023/24 academic year.

I understand that you will be disappointed to hear this.  However, rest assured that we will continue to provide the same high quality of education as we are doing now. Our current temporary site will be developed to accommodate us in our third year. We will give you details of this once we know.

I have found over my long career, it is people that matter more than buildings. We have such expert and dedicated staff here that we will be able to continue to offer an exceptionally high standard of education for your child. Currently, they are in the unique position of being the only year group we have and, therefore, we have really got to know them and their needs. We talk about them constantly, love teaching them and they are making really good progress. They are getting more attention and personalised teaching than any other year 7s in the city. We will continue to be a smaller school and therefore can really challenge and cherish each of our scholars as we wait to move into our permanent home.

1st March 2022
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