We would like to ensure a smooth and enjoyable start for our new Year 7 students and therefore have organised a programme of transition activities.

Normally, we would have several opportunities in the summer term for students to visit our school, meet staff and other scholars, ask questions and generally start to find out all about our school. Parents would also have the opportunity to visit the school again, meet staff and find out about our routines and expectations.

Unfortunately, as you will appreciate, we are in very unusual circumstances this year. However, we are determined to find new ways of enabling our new families to become more familiar with Brook Mead. Unfortunately year 6 pupils and their families are not able to visit Brook Mead this term. This is not ideal, but is the same for all secondary schools across the city. Our staff are able to liaise with staff in your child’s primary school to find out a little more about each of our new students so we can make sure we have all the information we need to enable a successful start for your child.

Our Transition Programme ensures new students feel happy, settled and secure from their very first day at secondary school. It is extremely important we get to know every student who starts at Brook Mead Academy as quickly as possible. Please complete our online enrollment for here.

Meet the Founding Team

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