Brook Mead Building Project Update

We wanted to update you on how the Brook Mead building project was progressing. The building of our school is currently one of the biggest school building projects in the country and has attracted interest from many major construction companies. Two have been selected to prepare more detailed plans and then one will soon be selected and awarded the multi-million-pound contract to build the school by the Department for Education. We are at the exciting stage of helping to shape designs with architects and technical advisors in preparation for the submission of a planning application by the successful company. At this stage, we will be in a position to share more detailed designs and plans with you.


During this process, it has become apparent that the site is more complex than originally thought. This now means that the project is delayed and we will not be able to move to our new building in 2024 as planned. We will know more clearly the timeline once the contractor has been selected.


This means that we will need to have different accommodation arrangements for next academic year from August 2023. We are unable to have more than two year groups on our current site as it is too small and congested. The Department for Education has considered many options. They have now secured accommodation for us at the old Bede Island campus ( recently used by Avanti Fields School) on the corner of Upperton Road and Narborough Road.


We will therefore house our current year 8 there next year when they are in year 9. The accommodation will enable us to continue to teach our current high-quality curriculum and add other subjects such as design and food technology. We are planning this change in meticulous detail with expert support from The Mead Educational Trust and at the Department for Education. We will share this planning with you in the spring term.

I know there will be many questions about these new arrangements. Therefore, after half term, we are holding three sessions at different times where you can hear more about the plans for the building and ask questions about our planning:

Monday 24th October 2.30pm

Wednesday 26th October 9.30am

Thursday 3rd November 5.00pm


In the meantime, I am confident that with our staff team, we will continue to be able to provide your children with a really special and high-quality education, especially as we will be able to retain our small family school feel for longer as the year 9s, once again, will be the only year group on the Upperton Road site and once again, have our fullest attention in every way!

30th September 2022
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